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You may have heard the term “second hand high” before, but it is also known as “contact high,” which is now one of the most popular and famous high-end drugs globally.

Maybe you were in a smoky concert hall, and you’ve been away for a long time without taking a breath. Or maybe you are with a group of friends in the smokiest concert halls.


Therefore, it is essential to know that second-hand cannabis smoke can drive you upwards and enter your system. It could be worrying for those who fear that exposure to passive smoking will result in them being stoned involuntarily or failing a drug test. Second hand, that is, when you watch other people smoking cannabis, you go both ways: you inhale the weed to get it, and the second hand is the result of the interaction between one and the smoke of the other person.

What Are the Side Effects of Secondhand Marijuana Smoke?

However, is this really the case, and does second-hand cannabis smoke cause a higher THC level in the blood than passive smoking?

The researchers started with 12 subjects, whom all spent an hour in a small, unventilated room where the smokers consumed. The non-smokers then reported feeling pleasant, tired, and less attentive. Of course, blood and urine tests showed positive THC levels, but not in the subjects’ blood or urine.

The second experiment repeated the scenario, this time in a ventilated room, but this experiment did not test any of the non-smokers positive for a remarkable amount of THC. The researchers concluded that marijuana smoke could actually make contact with – a smoker – under extreme conditions.

 Although very limited in scope, the effects of cannabis smoking, on the other hand, are likely the result of suggestive force. All later said they were hungry, and the study was completed at noon.

Blood and urine can test positive for THC, but it is more likely that contact in the head is higher. If you spend a lot of time in a small room with your smoking friends, you can feel the THC effects. You can also feel these effects if you are sitting in an unventilated, smoke-filled enclosure known as a hot box. Your blood or urine test is negative. So if you feel a touch of a joint while walking, do not go up; you may feel THC’s effects, but not the actual height.

A Johns Hopkins study in 2015 showed that time in an unventilated room feels like something. Researchers have discovered that cannabis cigarettes and joints containing THC and other cannabinoids are inhaled through smoke instead of inhaling directly into the lungs, as in a cigarette or joint. THC is active after cannabis smoke has been exhaled, but if you flip through the British Journal of Anesthesia pages in 1999, you will find that most of it are absorbed by your lungs when cannabis smoke is caught.

However, it is more likely that the cannabinoids disappear in the air before they reach one, causing a second hand to fly up.

There are other studies on second-hand highs, but these studies may need to be reviewed again. Cannabis has changed over the years, and the THC efficacy of cannabis has increased with advanced cultivation technology, so its conclusions are still valid. Another study conducted to investigate the mystery of second-hand high showed that the acute toxicity of cannabis is extremely low, making it difficult to feel the effects without direct inhalation.

Although this may be outdated, the THC effects of today’s marijuana flowers are much greater than those of weeds in the 1960s and 1970s. An average joint contains about 10 mg THC, whereas modern joints can contain 60 – 150 mg THC.

Can pets get high off secondhand cannabis smoke?

How to keep pets safe from cannabis smoke

If you’ve ever questioned if your pets can get high, the answer is YED, but they don’t like it and it’s not healthy for them.

In fact, dogs have far more cannabinoid receptors than humans and pets in general tend to weigh much less than us, so intoxication can happen with even very small amounts of THC and we wouldn’t even know it.

Most cases of pet intoxication come from curious animals finding edibles or flowers and ingesting them. That means an automatic trip to the vet. Don’t be shy about reporting what happened.

Second-hand smoke, of course, is also a huge problem; but so is what’s known as third-hand smoke, which is known as smoke that has penetrated household surfaces like furniture and clothes. Typically, Cats and certain breeds of short-snouted dogs are particularly sensitive to third-hand smoke.

Vaporizers can take eliminate  some of the dangers associated with smoking, but the active ingredients in cannabis can still affect animals and pets

Is Cannabis second-hand high the same as Tobacco Second-hand high?



Is It Possible To Get High After The Smoke Is Exhaled?


Since marijuana smoke has been classified as less carcinogenic than cigarette smoke in previous studies, there appears to be little evidence of a link between passive smoking and cancer in humans. Although there is no research to prove the existence of a link between smoking marijuana and the development of lung cancer or other cancers, we may be more concerned about the effects of passive smoking on the lungs and other body parts such as the liver and kidneys.

  1. If you are stuck in a ventilated room during a heavy smoking session, do not worry about feeling stoned or letting THC get into your system.
  2. If you are in extreme conditions without proper ventilation, you can get a second-hand high

To enjoy a smooth smoking session without affecting non-participating neighbors, cannabis users should enter well-ventilated areas to ensure that passive inhalers do not feel smoke and test favorable for weeds. Next time you light a fire, try to be aware of your surroundings and keep smoke with a pungent smell away from non-smokers. Nevertheless, smokers should take the same precautions as people who do not use cannabis.

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