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Cannabis Delivery Company Plan’s to Launch their Own Line Geared towards Extreme Sports Lifestyle

As the search for female representation in the workplace has grown in recent decades, many industries have struggled to obtain gender parity, particularly at the leadership level. 

Several years into the legalization of cannabis in the U.S., there has been increasingly widespread acceptance of marijuana as a consumer good; the once fertile landscape for women has been getting somewhat dry. As the marketplace expands and the potential to make significant money shifts, prominent corporate players have entered the space. They have brought a return to gender discrimination along with. However, that hasn’t stopped a few of the Power women-led cannabis companies like Mary Daze.

Since states started to legalize recreational marijuana in the U.S. in 2012, the cannabis industry has exploded—and women make up over a third of the leaders in this market. As reported in a 2019 survey by Marijuana Business Daily, over 37 percent of cannabis executives are women, rating higher than the 21 percent national average of women in executive roles in any industry. 

For the past eight years, Mckenzie Santa Maria, Co-founder and President of Mary Daze Corporation, has worked with the top brands dominating the cannabis space and advising women who want to start their cannabis brand. “My advice is to find allies; having influential and supportive partnerships and connections in this industry is the key to survival,” Santa Maria says, sharing some wisdom for women who are thinking about entering the cannabis platform. “Look for like-minded characters that value the same things as you, in all partnerships, no matter how minute they may seem.” 

Mary Daze Takes over The Pre-roll Market

Marijuana and hemp cultivators and manufacturers like Mary Daze Corporation are ready to compete and adapt when legal changes open the way for national and global THC and CBD sales by making significant investments in technology. Leading the industry in Data collection, the team at Mary Daze is proud to bring the world of organic marketing and Mobile Delivery Straight to the consumer’s door.

Unlike the black market, cannabis delivery services offer convenience, quality, and safety. There’s nothing like having cannabis delivered directly to your door without having to worry about your well-being. 

Every order at Mary Daze cannabis delivery is tracked and traced, usually with the help of software applications that are now being required by law. In this case, the route of our cannabis delivery drivers is always known, which leaves community members safer than compared to untrackable black market sales.

As more women make moves in the cannabis industry and join forces to destigmatize the weed through education, art, culture, and CBD-infused wellness and beauty products, the more natural it is for women-led cannabis brands to navigate the complexities of this business. 

Companies like Mary Daze in 2021 are building infrastructure for the fledgling industry and have seen success supporting cannabis businesses with sales, retail, cultivation, e-commerce, and delivery operations. Along with growing their product lines dropping this summer, the California-based company develops and operates cannabis retail and brand facilities.

“We have found that between 70 and 80 percent of customers would favor to go online, look at what is available, call or text and get it delivered straight to their door step,” Santa Maria states, “Our system is designed to exactly that.”

Delivery services aren’t just for pizzas and take-out anymore; today, people can have a wide range of licensed products. Consumer goods are delivered straight to the doorstep, and marijuana is no different. Communities across the country have begun to welcome the promise of mobile delivery services, bringing high-quality cannabis to Southern California customers quickly and safely. 

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