PALM DESERT, Calif., April 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — One of the fastest growing marijuana delivery companies Mary Daze has big plans for the desert area. As the COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift, the company is ready to supply the growing cannabis market.

New energy and excitement in the Valley of Coachella as the city transforms into an epicenter for marijuana tourism, manufacturing, and leadership in California’s burgeoning cannabis industry. Mary Daze claims they offer the best weed delivery in Palm Desert, and their service plans to expand with the upcoming music festivals.

“What was once a taboo industry, what was once for folks in the black market, is at the lead of capitalism in cities, and it’s creating jobs,” declared Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez at the first-ever cannabis Coachella Valley Summit.

Since then, Coachella has approved more than 3 million square feet of industrial cannabis cultivation facilities, the biggest of any jurisdiction in the state. Even though the city has applied exceptional care in producing its cannabis regulations, it understands the need to accumulate more information from state agencies to keep up with the expansion.

Women-owned cannabis delivery service Mary Daze is excited to announce their plans to expand its operations to Coachella Valley, just in time for the reopening of Stagecoach and the Coachella Concerts since COVID-19 shut them down. As well, as their greatly anticipated luxury marijuana concentrates product line that will hit their menus this summer.

Indio’s projected general fund revenue for the fiscal year 2021-22, as estimated in June, is $63.7 million. The Coachella and Stagecoach figure makes up about 5% of that total. With the new legalization and regulations, brands like Mary Daze see great potential in attending and working with the city. Not only do they plan to bring several new job openings, but also a quick, consistent and safe way to order cannabis.

Since the 1990s, public support for marijuana legalization has increased significantly in the United States, not limited to young people. Among voters, opinion on ending marijuana prohibition has improved dramatically demographically.

Americans are also expressing their newfound support for legalizing cannabis at the ballot box. Since California’s Proposition 19 passed in 1996, the first statewide initiative to legalize marijuana, voter initiatives have been the backbone of the marijuana movement.

With the expansion of cannabis legalization, the door opens for more research, regulation, and reform. The plant’s future looks greener than ever, with the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada and the U.S. in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

As cannabis brands begin to experience the corporate world of America, companies like Mary Daze have been able to ride the wave of legalization for the last year. Still, they fear big tobacco and Pharmaceutical business will begin to overtake their industry unless companies begin to fully integrate their operations and let go of the wild west ways.

President and Co-founder McKenzie Santa Maria believes that “Similar to the way Napa Valley is recognized for wine, I think this region is greater together than any single city by itself.” Consumption lounges like the famous Vault will be an attraction like the casinos are to gamblers; the transformation of stigma is just beginning.

As more legal cannabis markets come online, and as public perception of the products becomes less taboo, cannabis brands like Mary Daze will need to evolve to meet the diverse, unique demographic groups’ needs. Mary Daze is well aware of the marijuana trends to watch for in 2021, and the company is excited to see how this industry continues to grow as the stigma of cannabis use is destroyed.

Author: McKenzie Santa Maria

Organization: Mary Daze

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92211 Palm Desert, USA

Phone: 760-610-0266