PALM DESERT, Calif., April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The year was 1971 when high school students came up with a numerical code for stoners that has grown into the ultimate high holiday. Fifty years later, federal legalization for marijuana is no longer a dream—and cannabis is on track to become America’s next $100 billion industry.

Tuesday capped the fiftieth anniversary of 420, and surprisingly the U.S. government still considers cannabis one of the most dangerous drugs. Ironically enough, every CEO, investor, and employee of a state-legal marijuana company is ” technically” breaking federal law.

But the irony is that what began as a joke among teenagers has flowered into the ultimate high holiday—Black Friday for cannabis. In 2020 sales during the week of 420 surpassed a record of $126 million across six states traced by data firm BDSA. According to reports, the U.S. cannabis industry, which reported yearly sales of $17.5 billion last year, is destined to reach $41 billion in annual sales by 2025.

Mary Daze, a new Cannabis company, began their venture at the peak of Covid-19 in 2020 and saw the need for not only a new way for consumers to obtain their medicine and a system that would forever change the way of delivery. They launched their weed delivery service on the green holiday of Last year, which catapulted them into success from day one.

As the excellent stoner holiday came and went, consumers were elated to have in-store events back as last year’s 4/20 was disrupted by the stay home orders.

Mary Daze Owner McKenzie Santa Maria spent this legendary 4/20 helping and coordinating the launch of Phire Brands at Tropicanna dispensary in Santa Ana, one of Orange county’s largest dispensaries. Phire is the first licensed Type 7 extraction/manufacturing and distribution company in Orange County, California. With 30 years of combined experience, their team is composed of cannabis industry veterans in the manufacturing and retail sectors, making them a shark in the industry. They are producing products for exclusive brands like Wonderbrett, who just collaborated with superstar/singer RUSS and will soon be on the menu for Mary Daze cannabis delivery in Orange County.

California sadly has the highest cannabis taxes, so it’s no surprise that the Golden State tops the list of pot tax revenues. Last year, California raised more than $1 billion in pot taxes – about the same as the entire state of New York, the second largest in the country.

Cannabis sales will explode to new heights as people flock to their local weed shops to get rid of stress, boredom, and health problems exacerbated by the pandemic, forgetting or exacerbating the stress/boredom/health problem that exacerbates them.

Access to legal cannabis products has also been expanding dramatically. Thanks to a green wave of legalization in 2021—with Virginia, New York, New Mexico, and New Jersey all joining the “adult use” bandwagon—over 40% of Americans live in states where any adult can legally possess and use cannabis.

As the world begins to go back to normal, the way of life is forever changed. From the way we interact with one another to the way we shop. Delivery services like Mary Daze will continue to flourish as they accommodate the new norm of cannabis consumption and purchase. As the week of 420 comes to an end, the future of legalization stays strong.

“Cannabis sales will continue to report strong increases. I would be very shocked if U.S. cannabis sales do not breach the $20 billion mark in 2021,” said Santa Maria.

April 20th may already be hazy, but the cannabis liberation movement it symbolizes marches on.

Author: McKenzie Santa Maria

Organization: Mary Daze

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92211 Palm Desert, USA

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