Surf and Sesh in the Heart of Huntington Beach California

The early OC morning bustled with activity as surf competitions got ready to blow their whistles. The marine layer gently lifted off the Huntington Beach Pier and the first ever surf and sesh is about to begin. The Mary Daze Cannabis Company has long cherished the bold lifestyle, wanting to create a community worth being a part of- a tribe that feeds off adventure and cannabis. As the cannabis industry takes its consumers and operators for a twisting ride, the team over at Mary Daze has adapted each year to the ever-challenging changes the legal market presents. 

As Mary Daze gets ready to announce their first ever product line, they are also moving aggressively to showcase their rebranding and mission to the community they serve. The line embraces an adventure lifestyle with a huge focus on extreme sports. Their line will be consumer-friendly, premium grown flower and convenient for the adventurer lifestyle. While combining cannabis and community they hope to capture the hearts of consumers who share the same ideology. 

Huntington Beach, Orange county, August 14, 2022, held the first Surf and Sesh presented by the Mary Daze team, which aims to bring together athletes who share the same love for cannabis medicine and showcase their amazing talents to the community. They hope to grow the meet-ups every time and create a long-lasting event that can bring many benefits to those who participate. Not only will they showcase surfing, but have other sports such as; Skateboarding, snowboarding, dirtbike riding, and more. In hopes that regardless of your background, financial status, or sport, we can come together and give back to the communities that shaped us all. 

 To see content or get connected to the team for more information for the next meet-up follow @haveamarydaze on Instagram or email us at [email protected]Visit for more juicy updates!

 ‘’Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.’’ – Helen Keller

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