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Let’s Get Real and Talk: Cannabis and Sex

Put away the chocolate and oysters; there’s a hot new turn-on that can help take anyone’s sexual pleasure to the next level. Yes, we’re talking about marijuana.

However, studies continue into cannabis and its benefits in and out of the bedroom, 68.5 percent of people in one study said sex while using cannabis was more enjoyable all around.

Cannabis (or marijuana) has a mixed reputation when it comes to sex, but people may have heard that it’s excellent for boosting the body’s power. However, people may have heard that it can reduce sperm count and contribute to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

This is probably why we compile this list of everything we know (or do not know) about cannabis and how it affects sex. Sexual arousal and function are incredibly complicated; therefore, analyzing the sexual effects will inevitably be complicated. Therefore, some findings that need to be included in the discussion about cannabis in sexuality have less to do with cannabis and more with sexuality.

Sex and Cannabis Relationship

When researchers study sexual desire, they need to examine different aspects of it, including biological, social, and psychological factors that play a role. Even taking all these things into account, good sex means different things to different people, on which the same person depends every day. So it is inherently a somewhat difficult task to investigate them, which is useful when interpreting the results.

The Mary Daze survey found: “Most of what we know about cannabis and sex comes from personal experience. But there is limited research on cannabis sex that tells us more about the effects of cannabis on sex and its effects on sexual desire.”

Something is missing in research that links cannabis directly to sexual pleasure. If cannabis is said to help with anxiety and pain, it makes sense that the plant could promote sex without affecting other problems.

Instead, to get an idea of what is going on, the researchers often use self-produced surveys to ask about their drug use and sexual experiences. However, these studies have drawbacks, but why not give it a try for what it’s worth?

Connecting over Cannabis

The researchers also have no way of confirming the respondents’ statements, and we must trust that the subjects can describe very personal experiences such as joy. Firstly, we must rely on people to remember accurately and honestly how much and how often they consume certain substances and whether these substances affect their sex life in the same way as other aspects of their lives. Scientists cannot test the drugs that humans have used to see whether they are concentrated or edible, nor can they test them for other substances to see if they have high THC levels.

There may be evidence that people who want to conduct surveys on cannabis use are more likely to have positive experiences with cannabis and therefore report disproportionately fewer problems with it. The survey also shows a strong correlation between positive and negative reactions and cannabis in the respondent’s system.

All in all, Cannabis and CBD use have a strong connection with the body and mind. Thousands of products now contain CBD or THC, specifically made to enhance the user’s pleasure and experience as a whole.


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