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Marijuana Strains For Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Cannabis Strains Most Effective for Anxiety

Used properly, the plant can be one of the most effective remedies against anxiety, and you probably hear about people using certain weed strains to cope with anxiety. Anxiety is the second most common reason for cannabis use after depression, but also the third most common reason for suicide attempts, according to the American Psychiatric Association.

An estimated 40 million Americans currently suffer from some form of anxiety, and this pandemic is exacerbating an ongoing mental health crisis.

Traditionally, psychiatrists have used benzodiazepines and other addictive pills to treat these problems. Still, a growing number of people are discovering that cannabis can treat anxiety more effectively than conventional drugs. There are many different strains of cannabis on the market that can make it challenging to find the right one for your specific mental health needs. Most weed lovers are advised to stay away from traditional Sativa varieties to generate mental energy that can quickly turn into racing thoughts. Indica hybrid strains are known to cause anxiety and are often recommended for coping with stress and anxiety.

High THC cannabis strains are good for relaxation for some people, but some strains can increase panic and paranoia in others. Recent research suggests that the balance between CBD and THC strains is even more critical in how cannabis is used to manage anxiety. There is no clinical research on cannabis and anxiety. Still, several studies have shown that high doses of CBD and high concentrations of THC can reduce anxiety in people with anxiety disorders such as anxiety disorders and depression.

Marijuana Strains for Stress

All these factors could make it easy to find the perfect weed strain for your anxiety, but don’t be afraid. We have compiled a list of five large tribes that can help you find peace and feel good. If you want to relax after a long day at work or a stressful day at work, Grandpa Purple could be the perfect stress reliever for anxiety.

Indica – dominant hybrids generally contain THC levels of 20 to 23 percent, which can reach a relaxing and euphoric peak, helping with insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety. Speaking of high CBD strains: Cannatonic is a good choice for anyone who has had a bad reaction to THC, but anyone who finds THC causes anxiety might want to look for a strain with higher CBD content. GDP, as it is sometimes called, can help to purify the mind and relax tense muscles. These hybrids were bred to produce a high concentration of THC and CBD, the two main psychoactive substances in cannabis.

The CBD content of some strains reaches up to 17 percent, which leads to a high level of anxiety – soothing, anxiolytic, and pain-relieving.

AC/DC Weed Strain

As a bonus, this strain can also help with migraine and stress (headaches). Like other high-THC strains, the Northern Lights produce a blissful high that can help dispel emerging worries and angry thoughts. While it is good to relax at the end of a long, hard day, a deep state of relaxation can lead to a severe case of couch-lock.

Medical cannabis providers often recommend AC / DC to patients suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, and epilepsy. Jack Herer is a Sativa strain that contributes to anxiety control due to its high THC content and high CBD content. Due to the well-known anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, this highly CBD-containing hybrid can help the mind feel detached from angry thoughts and feelings. 

Since AC / DC is a “Sativa dominant” strain, the solid psychoactive effects that are usually associated with it, together with the calming effects of CBD, ensure that it is an excellent choice to choose a healthy, low THC exposure for patients with anxiety disorders and other anxiety disorders.

The positive vibes are so strong that they are often recommended for people with depression. This variety is known to have a build-up that melts away worries and can even trigger a positive response in the brain.

The strains are the most common, but some particular Sativa strains are characterized by their fear of more potent strains of cannabis. These produce the euphoric high associated with cannabis, and because these strains have enough THC to compensate for their high THC content, beginners can start with a lower dose and work their way up.

Relaxing Effects of THC 

While some find the intoxicating effects of THC relaxing, others may be sensitive to THC and find that THC increases anxiety, while others, if they find it relaxing, may not. CBD strains are less common but are recommended for anxiety relief if you are new to cannabis and looking for a somewhat euphoric high. If you decide to prefer a THC-CBD mixture (THC + CBD), you can embark on a genealogical search by investigating the flavorings in cannabis that give strains to the strain. When you go through the list, note the cannabinoids (in the form of terpenes and colors) targeted by the body for anxiety relief.

Finally, we encourage you to inform your doctor if you decide to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes, especially if there is a treatment or medication that needs to be considered. Make sure you recognize which strains you should try in the future and which not.

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