Mary Daze Pre-rolls are Coming Soon, Here’s Why!

Market response to cannabis pre-rolls rolled out any expectations in 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic caught many off guard, which changed the way many consumed cannabis. Overall sales increased nearly 50% across California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, according to Marijuana Business Daily, citing data from Headset and LeafLink. The area of cannabis became the second-fastest growing cannabis item, only behind flower (54%) and concentrates at a close third,

The team at Mary D says that they expect pre-rolls to continue to perform well in 2021, in line with the rest of the market.

The Benefits of Pre-Rolled Cannabis

One of the main benefits of using a preroll is that people know exactly what they are getting. Instead of being given a joint that you are unsure of inside it, Mary Daze’s prerolls have total transparency, allowing consumers to precisely recognize what you are buying.

Another added benefit includes the ability to try new strains and mixtures. Mary Daze pre-rolls make it easy for you to obtain different blends or mixtures for total satisfaction. Also, prerolls are disposable, easy to use, and save you time in the long run.

As for preroll products, it’s hard to generalize, but in this market, at least, they don’t always deserve a bad rap. To find out, we spoke to several people in the cannabis industry, both within and outside the industry.

The quality is very different, “said Lauren, who worked at a Seattle pharmacy for three years and asked for anonymity to protect her ties to the industry. The biggest problem with rolls is paper because they hide inside them. Some growers who use high-quality flowers add leaves and stems (so-called trim pieces) that are cut from the buds before hardening, while others add what they call “trim.”

This makes it more difficult for producers to use cannabis indefinitely, and consumers cannot judge what is high quality – cannabis until it is in a store and can be seen by those who store it.

What are Prerolls?

Prerolls are premade joints. Cannabis farmers, cultivators, and retailers now offer branded prerolls, much to users’ delight. They ordinarily consist of a wrap or paper, ground cannabis, and a filter or crutch set firmly at the preroll’s base. Some are sold in individual tubes, while others are packaged together as multi-packs. As diversified as the packaging may be, preroll sizing can run from the length of a pinky finger to the length of a smartphone. Joints offer users a relatively inexpensive, disposable, all-in-one experience that all can like.

How do prefabricated rolled joints produce the same quality as sliced but different coupling joints in shape and size?

Usually, the mixture is loaded into a pre-rolled paper bag, and a machine shakes the joints to move it and remove air pockets. When the joint is filled, employees stamp the contents so that it is not too tight or loose, leading to severe burn, Mckenzie said. After a turn at the top, a “preroll” is ready and can be delivered to your home.

According to Santa Maria, Founder of Mary Daze Corp,  strong pre-roll sales are just the beginning, and they plan to help many brands white label and produce pre-roll lines.

Consumers will continue to seek unique ways to consume their flower and will demand it, easy to use and quick, like single-use formats, like pre-rolls\


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