Mary Daze, Women-owned Cannabis Gears up for Their Product Line Launch 2023

Mary Daze, Women-owned Cannabis Gears up for Their Product Line Launch 2023

Adventure is calling and a brand in cannabis is joining the movement. Mary Daze, a women-owned company, started in 2019 during the height of the pandemic as a legally licensed delivery in the heart of the IE with cannabis being one of few businesses to remain active they were able to navigate out alive. Fast Forward, two years later to today, with the market and dream in mind they have transitioned and transformed their business model. As they get ready to launch their first ever product line, they are focusing on creating a community surrounded by like-minded people who enjoy the world’s natural gifts; including the mighty cannabis plant. 

Mary Daze, once a delivery service in OC and the IE has now transitioned itself to focus directly on branding, their product line, and dialing in on direct-to-consumer. This is to enhance their brand as a whole, introduce their vision to the communities in the market and capture the true essence of living boldly. 

Their line consists of highly potent indoor locally grown flowers, that are specifically sourced to aid with sports-related activity. Their three main hero products are their 8ths that focus on; Recovery, Endurance, and performance-based strains to heighten and heal those who indulge in the finer life of cannabis. Their whole focus is extreme sports and highlighting the talents of those in their community. The Mary Daze Adventure line will offer premium flower 8ths, pre-rolls, and mini’s, along with their Adventure pack. Their genetics are specifically sourced to directly help those looking for a boost, recovery, or that extra umph to keep going.

Co-Founder and CEO,  Mckenzie Santa Maria wants her community to know that “At Mary Daze we have a mission to support and sponsor athletes across the United States, young or old, who want to experience life that may not usually be able to. Established in 2019, continuing to push the limits with life and quality products that enhance the fire within us.

Why this mission?: 

Santa Maria explains, “My main goal with Mary Daze has been to sponsor athletes and create a scholarship or foundation. Our vision is to give back to cannabis or non-cannabis-using athletes that want to snowboard, surf, skate or pretty much anything involving extreme sports. However, they may not be able to do so due to their household, daily income, etc. The dream was based on my nephew Jonny, the only boy in our family of wild and independent women, one who adores every sport, especially snowboarding. We want to be able to grow something that he could one day be a part of. Mary Daze sports foundation will be known for giving back, hosting trips and creating memories funded for groups that will last for a lifetime.”

They hope to bring their full line to market in California by 2023 and plan to move East as they expand into different states.

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