Apples And Bananas Cured Resin Glitter


THC 0%

CBD 0.00%




Single Solvent cryogenic BHO extracted cured resin diamonds with no CRC. Carefully sifted leaving beautifully mini THC diamonds. Perfect for dabbing, topping bowls or sprinkling into joints. Concentrates Apple Apples and Bananas BHO Earthy Energetic Euphoric Happy Mango Motivate Your Mind Relaxed THC THC-Dominant THC/A 84.6% About this strain: Apples and Bananas Compound Genetics and Cookies collaborated to create Apples and Bananas as a combination of a Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple hybrid with a Blue Power male. They then crossed the resulting hybrid with Gelatti to create Apples and Bananas. The top reported aromas of Apples and Bananas are fruit, gas, and spices. It is said to taste of its namesake fruit: apples and bananas.

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