Friendly Farms Branded Battery Kit

THC 0.0%

CBD 0.0%




1 Battery, and 1 Charger. The battery is compatible with any 510 thread cartridge. The parts are made using all premium and quality materials.


*Cartridge NOT included*

To get the best flavor and effects from our cartridges, use the low voltage setting. Our batteries come with 2 settings; the high is set at 2.9v and the low is set at 2.4v. This is to help ensure you never burn your oil!

Key Features:

-Smart Pulse technology prevents overheating from consumers that pull the cartridge for too long.

-Overcharge protection ensures you can leave it on the charger for an extended period of time without having to worry about the circuit damaging.

-Carb cap enables users to have a bigger hit if desired.

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