Higher Vibrations-Gmo Badder


THC 71.50%

CBD 82.40%




Higher Vibrations live resin concentrates are manufactured using Cold Crop Technology, which is a proprietary process where the plants are cut, de leafed & frozen within 30 minutes of harvest to stop the maturation of the trichomes and preserve a flavorful profile reflective of the strains aroma. All the fats & lipids are removed from the plant to produce live resin dabs that have a fresh aroma & a ripe taste. Higher Vibrations uses premium whole plant biomass to manufacture live resin concentrates. We do not use trim, shake, auto flower or CRC any of our live resin concentrates! STRAIN GMO (Garlic Cookies) is an indica strain bred by crossing Chemdawg & Girl Scout Cookies. It has a savory garlic taste with a hint of spice upon exhale that lingers on your palette. The aroma hits the nose with a coffee, fruit & diesel smell. This strain allows you to experience a relaxing & stress free body & mind high that linger for hours.

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