Stiiizy Watermelon Z Pod - 0.5g


THC 0.00%

CBD 0.00%




WATERMELON Z / INDICA · Taste: Sweet, Citrus, Berry · Feeling: Euphoric, Relaxing, Uplifting · Description: This mouthwatering strain is perfect for lazy nights on the couch. Pods Berry Citrus Euphoric Indica Relaxed Sleep Soundly Sleepy Strawberry Sweet THC Tropical Uplifted Watermelon About this strain: Watermelon Watermelon is an all-around mystery, created from unknown parents in an anonymous breeder’s garden. It tastes and smells like sweet tropical fruit with an earthy background, according to Pacific Seed Bank. The cultivar also reportedly tests at an average of 17% THC and 3-10% CBD. Top reported strain effects

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